hye gals..

Salam sume..sorry sbb lama 'menghilangkan' diri...actually i'm on confinement right now, br je gave birth to a lovely princess...

Biz will be back as usual..

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Friday, December 26, 2008

New OrDEr..

my lovely shoppers :

here are the updates on confirmed orders :

a) Helda :
Kebaya Organza Coklat - 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya sulaman pinggang pink - 1 psg
~ DElivered
Kebaya sutera kasonik BF70 blue - 1 psg
~ DElivered

b) Fiza, KL:
Kebaya Chenta pink - 1 psg

c) Farah, Kelantan:
Kebaya cheongsam putih L - 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya cheongsam gold S - 1 psg
~ DElivered

d) Noorul Hasanah:
Kebaya organza light purple - 1 psg

e) Azreen:
Kebaya cheongsam cream S - 1 psg
~ DElivered

ur kebaya are here!! except for fiza & noorul hasanah..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

our buyer's pic

i got this pic from adnin..wearing kebaya kasih for dinner...cantik kan !! and for those who wants to share ur pic, dont hesitate to do so ya.. ;)

this is along, my cousin wearing kebaya sutera kasonik BF70 cream color for dinner...cantik kan !!

fatheen wearing kebaya cheongsam coffee color for dinner...cantik nyer !!

and this is me, hehe..wearing kebaya butterfly cream gold..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

here are the updates on confirmed orders :
a) Adnin, Kulim :
Kebaya kasih coklat - 1 psg ~ DElivered
b) NIk azida :
Kebaya kasih coklat - 1 psg ~ DElivered
c) SIti hajar :
Kebaya sutera kasonik BF70 biru - 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya kudus grey, kain sarong semi sutera - 1 psg ~ DElivered

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sPEcial oFFer for my lovely FOllowers...

to all my followers..
thanks for choosing my blog as ur fav blog by becoming the followers..really appreciate that..!! :) thus, I would like to give u gals special offer..ahha
all kebaya collections with special price..discount RM10 per kebaya...
dun miss it..
(8 - 31 Dec 2008)
*for those who wants to enjoy the same privileges, just become our new followers..hurry!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

kebaya LAba LAba

~ Kebaya Laba Laba ~
Material : Lace (Top), Kain Sarong Semi SUtera (Bottom - kain)
Belum dijahit
pre-order items
RM200 per set (including selendang)

Only RM165 per set..
Grab it now!!
White : SOLD
Blue : SOLD