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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OrDer..2nd Batch

my lovely shoppers :

here are the updates on confirmed orders :

a) JAnine, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 pink - 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya sutera kasonik BF70 cream (baju shj) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

b) NIk hasnina, KL :
Kebaya sulaman tempah maroon - 1 psg ~ DElivered

c) SAbariah, Penang :
Kebaya sulaman tempah chocolate - 1 psg ~ DElivered

d) NYdia, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 green - 1 psg

e) K. ZAkiah, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 green (kain sarong semi sutera) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

f) YAti, Johor :
Kebaya putih batik biru - 1 psg ~ DElivered

g) IDd*, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 black (xtra mtrs) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

h) AEmie, Seremban :
Kebaya organza chocolate - 1 psg ~ DElivered

i) AZrini* :
Kebaya organza purple - 1 psg

InsyaAllah, by 2moro or Friday, ur kebayas will arrive and ready to be posted to ur add..so, pls take note ya!!

*IDd & AZrini, ur kebaya may take another 2 weeks to be ready..I'll keep u updated..