hye gals..

Salam sume..sorry sbb lama 'menghilangkan' diri...actually i'm on confinement right now, br je gave birth to a lovely princess...

Biz will be back as usual..

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

place your order today..

hi all shoppers,
today i'll confirm my order to supplier..for those who's interested to order the lovely kebayas, pls do it now..so that u'll get ur kebaya earlier (by next week - soonest)..hehe
dont wait gals..!! place your order now...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

kebaya sutera kasonik

~ kebaya sutera kasonik ~
New Arrivals
Material : Sutera Kasonik (Top), Kain Sarung Biasa (Bottom - kain)
Available in 6 attractive colors ~ Peach, Blue, White, Green (as in pic), Red (as in pic) and Cream (as in pic)
pre-order items..
Belum dijahit
RM175 per set (including selendang)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kebaya semi sutera

~ kebaya semi sutera ~
Material : Sutera Kasonik (Top) and Kain Sarung Biasa (Bottom)
8 colors available :
Green (as in pic), Dark Chocolate, Red, Black, Peach, White, Turquoise, Cream
pre-order items..
Belum dijahit
RM175 per set (including selendang)


kebaya cheongsam

peach cream


purple muda


choc terang

green apple


dark purple



dark brown, not purple




~ kebaya cheongsam ~

Ready-made kebaya for you..
Available size ~ S to XXL (pls refer to the size chart below - in inch)
Available color ~ peach, cream, dark brown, coffee color, red, green apple, purple, pink, white, maroon, yellow, black, blue, orange, gold...
Material : Lace (Top), Kain Sarung Biasa (Bottom - kain)
RM155 per set (including selendang)
Now, we are open for orders..and we have variety colors for you to choose..ahha
Here are the colors for ready stock
Orange - M ~ SOLD to sue ~
Blue - M ~ SOLD to janine ~
Dark Purple - M ~ SOLD to rafidah ~
Cream - L ~ SOLD to niema ~
White - XL ~ SOLD to hafzan
Pink - S ~ sold (2 set)

White - S 1 set SOLD

now, we have new design for kebaya cheongsam..take a look gals..

ukuran XXL :

Dada - 43

Lbh Baju - 40

Pinggang - 40

Bahu - 18

Punggung - 44

Testimonial : pls click comments

kebaya sulaman tempah

~ kebaya sulaman tempah ~
Kod : KBS01
Special design of sulaman with nice material
The design will make u look slimmer and taller
Sulaman will take approximately 2 weeks to be done, therefore each order will take more than 2 weeks to arrive Malaysia
available in 3 colors ~ dark chocolate, maroon and green..
Material : Cotton Ima (Top), Kain Sarung Semi Sutera (Bottom - kain)
pre-order item
Belum dijahit
RM200 per set (including selendang)

kebaya kudus

~ kebaya kudus ~
Nice sulaman, suit for all occassions
Material : Cotton (Top), Kain Sarung Biasa or Kain Sarung Semi Sutera (Bottom - kain)
All sets come with 3 pieces : baju, kain & selendang
All colors are available - Order : please state your colors
Belum dijahit
pre-order items except for these colors :
maroon - available - SOLD
purple (as in pic) - SOLD
light pink (as in pic) - SOLD
RM120 per set (kain sarung biasa)
RM135 per set (kain sarung semi sutera)

kebaya organza sulaman asep

ready stock

Latest kebaya ~ kebaya sulaman asep ~
Nice sulaman, suitable for all occassions
Material : Cotton Ima (Top), Batik Cirebon / Batik Lepas (Bottom - Kain)
pre-order item - will take more than 2 weeks to arrive malaysia (need longer time to made the sulaman)
Belum dijahit
RM 215 per set (without selendang)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

me as tokey kebaya..

Salam and Hello,

Welcome to my official blogspot
~ tokey kebaya ~ I'm offering various types of kebaya specially for all of u who lurves kebayas [like me..hehe]..The kebayas are made in indonesia with nicest kerawang and sulaman and of cos with reasonable prices..[that's what we always look for rite??]

how we work?
All kebayas are shipped from indonesia and pre-order items (unless stated differently). Every pre-order will take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive Malaysia. Interested buyers need to pay RM50 for each kebaya as a deposit and deposited into our Maybank or RHB account. Tokey kebaya will send confirmation of order through email once deposit payment received. Balance payment to be made once the kebaya has reached Malaysia and ready to be posted to your address. Please note that all prices stated are exclusive of speedpost / pos laju charges.

any enquiries or wanna place your order?
pls contact me at
tokeykebaya@gmail.com or
hp no : 013-340 4479

Happy Shopping!!