hye gals..

Salam sume..sorry sbb lama 'menghilangkan' diri...actually i'm on confinement right now, br je gave birth to a lovely princess...

Biz will be back as usual..

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Happy Shopping!!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update on REady Stock..

hey shoppers,

just to update on the rEaDy sToCks available (can be posted anytime..hehe) :

kebaya shmer silk grey - 1 set

kebaya pelangi yellow - 1 set
kebaya cheongsam dark blue M - 1 set

kebaya organza purple - 1 set

kebaya tile kodok lite gold - 1 set

kebaya tile bunga baby pink - 1 set

if u'r interested, pls grab it now !!

*updated 12 March 2010*

Friday, November 21, 2008

kebaya sulaman pinggang

~ Kebaya sulaman pinggang ~
Latest Collections
Material : Organza (Top), Kain Sarong Semi Sutera (Bottom)
Belum dijahit
pre-order items
RM230 per set (including selendang)

kebaya organza chenta

~ kebaya chenta ~
Latest Collections
Material : Cotton Ima (Top), Kain Sarong Semi Sutera (Bottom)
Belom dijahit
pre-order items
RM230 per set (including selendang)



choc yellow - ready stock

material - cotton ima

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2nd batch OrDers are here..

all OrDers are hERe..!!

now its ready to be posted to ur address..pls transfer the balance of payment to my Maybank or CIMB acct..[i'll email to u the details..]

dun wait ya gals
..lagi cepat settle pymt, lagi cepat u can get the lovely kebayas..ahha..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OrDer..2nd Batch

my lovely shoppers :

here are the updates on confirmed orders :

a) JAnine, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 pink - 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya sutera kasonik BF70 cream (baju shj) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

b) NIk hasnina, KL :
Kebaya sulaman tempah maroon - 1 psg ~ DElivered

c) SAbariah, Penang :
Kebaya sulaman tempah chocolate - 1 psg ~ DElivered

d) NYdia, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 green - 1 psg

e) K. ZAkiah, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 green (kain sarong semi sutera) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

f) YAti, Johor :
Kebaya putih batik biru - 1 psg ~ DElivered

g) IDd*, KL :
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 black (xtra mtrs) - 1 psg ~ DElivered

h) AEmie, Seremban :
Kebaya organza chocolate - 1 psg ~ DElivered

i) AZrini* :
Kebaya organza purple - 1 psg

InsyaAllah, by 2moro or Friday, ur kebayas will arrive and ready to be posted to ur add..so, pls take note ya!!

*IDd & AZrini, ur kebaya may take another 2 weeks to be ready..I'll keep u updated..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

kebaya coklat

~ kebaya coklat ~
Available size ~ S (1 set only)
Material : Soft (full lining, kecuali tangan), Kain Sarung Biasa (Bottom - kain)
pre-order items
RM145 per set (including selendang)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


my all gorgeous shoppers,
I will make final confirmation on new orders this week...thus, for those who interested and yet to decide which one u wanna buy, pls giv me ur final say before 12.00pm, Friday 14 Nov 08..
yang dah already confirmed, u'll get ur kebayas latest by next week..hehe [harap2 kastam x kaco..huhu]
do visit my sis web : Little-FUnky WarDrobe for cutest designer and branded baby clothes
dun wait ya..visit now!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

only One set

~ kebaya bali ~
Material : Lace (Top), kain batik (Bottom - kain)
Available size ~ Free Size
pre-order item (only 1 set)
RM225 per set (without selendang)
Model ~ L size
Only RM185 per set
Grab it now!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


to all buyers,

your kebaya is here..!! and now, its ready to be posted to your address..
but before that, pls transfer the balance of payment to my maybank acct (plus the postage charges)..i'll email to you my acct details soon..

gals, check-out your mailbox ya!!

and for those who's interested but yet to place ur order, we do have few stocks in hand..

kebaya kasonik BF70 : green (sold) and red (sold)
kebaya semi sutera BF80 : green (sold), peach (extra metres, can fit up to XL) (sold) and black (sold)

so, dont wait..grab it now..!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

kebaya kasih

~ kebaya kasih ~
New Arrivals
Materials : Lace (Top), Kain Batik (Bottom - kain)
Available size ~ Free size
pre-order items
RM200 per set (without selendang and corset)
RM150 (top only)

kebaya putih

~ kebaya putih kain batik ~

Materials : Cotton (Top), Kain Batik (Bottom)
Available size ~ XL
RM145 (excluding selendang) ~ SOld - YAti
pre-order items

size chart ~ same as per kebaya cheongsam


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

confirmation of order

here are the updates on confirmed order :

a) ZUra, Putrajaya :
Kebaya kudus light pink (kain semi sutera) ~ 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya kasonik BF70 (putih) ~ 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya kasonik BF70 (hijau - baju shj) ~ 1 helai ~ DElivered

b) ALong, KL :
Kebaya kasonik BF70 (krim) ~ 1 psg ~ DElivered
Kebaya semi sutera BF80 (hijau) ~ 1 psg ~ DElivered

c) REen, Ireland :
Kebaya kasonik BF70 (krim) ~ 1 psg ~ DElivered

Saturday, November 1, 2008

updates on kebaya semi sutera BF80

I have uploaded the pics of BF80 for other colors..now, it is easy for u to choose and no more imagining or guessing of how the other colors look like..hehe..senang kan..

selamat menjamu mata gals..!!